Tourism and Events Grant Scheme 2019

By | 22nd February 2019

The aim of the Tourism and Events Grant Scheme is to encourage and support Community and Voluntary Organisations to undertake and implement festival and events, which will promote the well being of their area and community and enhance the quality of life of it’s citizens through the generation of increased Economic, Social and Cultural activity.

Community and Voluntary Organisations based in and undertaking projects in the administrative area of Leitrim County Council are eligible to apply for funding under this scheme. Proposals from individuals will not qualify.

What Will The Scheme Support?

Tourism and Arts Festivals/Events.

  • Funding will be considered for the following
    • New festivals and events
    • Existing festivals/events with a new element
    • Arts events considered will need to demonstrate and contribute to the tourism offering of the county
  • All of the above must demonstrate added value to the existing events calendar
  • Expenditure on the proposed project must be incurred in the year of approval before 1st November 2019.
  • All claims must be submitted within 6 weeks of the event (end date)

The level of grant assistance will depend on a range of factors, including

    • Type of project

    • Innovation

    • Additionally

    • Availability of other sources of funding

    • The overall number of applications seeking funding under the scheme in each of the municipal districts.

  • Where the Group is not registered for VAT, grant aid can be paid on costs inclusive of VAT.

  • The process for grant payment will be detailed in a letter of offer that will issue to all successful applicants.

  • Benefit in kind is permitted as part of the group’s contribution to the project. However, grant aid will not exceed actual financial expenditure. Claims for benefit in kind must be accompanied by certification by an appropriately qualified third party.

The deadline for applications to the Tourism and Events Grant Scheme is 2pm on WEDNESDAY February 27th 2019.

An application form and more detailed guidelines regarding the Tourism and Events Grant Scheme are available to download HERE