North Leitrim Community Network

The work of North Leitrim Community Network

North Leitrim Community Network has raised awareness and taken action on many issues effecting local communities in North Leitrim, including:

  • Health availability and access
  • Housing – poor quality housing
  • N16 – road safety
  • Sewerage
  • Water quality
  • Schools – capacity
  • Childcare
  • Cost of running local community groups
  • Sports and culture
  • Youth – venue access for youth
  • Tourism – promote North County Leitrim
  • Road improvements
  • Local public transport
  • Voice and communications of community/voluntary sector
  • Effects on families in reduction in provision of child care, special needs and 3 rd level fees.
  • Reduction in numbers of RSS/FÁS/CE schemes

In 2016 North Leitrim Community Network has held the following seminars:

Whats out there for Communities

A seminar which provided information on the Public Participation Network and funding opportunities through LEADER and PEACE IV.

Homelessness in Leitrim

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