This website is the base for the North Leitrim Community Network and the South Leitrim Community Network. These Community Networks exist independently but have common values and objectives. The Networks were both established in the 1990’s to enhance community development structures within the County and to encourage community groups and activists to have a voice in decision making.

The main aims of Leitrim Community Networks is information sharing, highlighting and exploring policy issues affecting communities locally and nationally and lobbying for change that will benefit our communities.

These Networks meet at a minimum four times a year, with the support of Leitrim Development Company. Meetings are open to all community development groups operating in Leitrim who have a social inclusion focus. Leitrim Community Networks main activities include raising awareness and providing training to members, organising annual seminars on policy issues and keeping members updated on developments locally and nationally relevant to local community groups.

Recently the Community Networks has held joint events with Leitrim Public Participation Networks to encourage all community groups to become involved in decision making processes.

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