Tidy Towns Plans LEADER Support

By | 1st February 2019

The RDP LEADER programme can support tidy towns groups who wish to develop or complete a 5 year tidy towns plan for their area. Providing a clear plan for your town or village is a fundamental part of the application in the Tidy Towns competition and a plan helps to achieve maximum scores in this category for your town or village. In the previous LEADER programme many of the 17 or so Tidy Towns groups around Leitrim completed a 5 year tidy town plans  and received grant aid of up to 90% of the cost of the plan.


Funding is now available under the LEADER programme for town and village analysis and development projects and programmes which includes the completion of such plans.  Leitrim Development Company is looking forward, in 2019, to working with any and all tidy towns groups in Leitrim who wish to develop a new or an updated tidy towns plan and also to have it funded through the LEADER programme. If your group (town or village) has any other initiatives or programmes (such as water enhancement, biodiversity, waste management, invasive species, etc.)  which you are developing and may need funding for we would also welcome a discussion with you on this and to work with you and your tidy towns group to ensure that you can maximise the scores and the benefits of the Tidy Towns competition for your town or village and for county Leitrim as a whole.

For further information and for an expression of interest form, please contact Brian Smyth 071-9641770 or brian@ldco.ie