The Ireland Funds-Small Grants 2018

By | 26th February 2018

The Ireland Funds will accept applications from 5-23 March 2018. The deadline will be 5pm GMT and late applications will not be accepted for any reason. Projects will be notified of decision at the beginning of July.

The objective of the grant round is to contribute needed funds to a wide range of organisations working across the 32 counties of Ireland.


Only not-for-profit and charitable organisations with an annual income of less than €/£1,000,000 can apply for funding. Organisations with an annual turnover exceeding this amount are not eligible for funding in this round.

Grants will not be made to individuals.

Organisations may submit only one application.

Applications must only be submitted electronically through their website. Hard copy or emailed applications will not be accepted.

Only organisations based within the 32 counties of Ireland and Northern Ireland are eligible to apply.

The project or activity for which you are seeking funding must take place within the 32 counties of Ireland.

Grants will not be made to organisations for projects which have completed, or for the repayment of debt.

Shortlisted applicants must provide a copy of the organisation’s governing document (e.g. Constitution, Memorandum of Articles of Association) and the most recent set of Audited Accounts or bank statements before a grant is drawn down.

A specific sum of money must be sought (up to €7,000 or £7,000)

Application forms not completed fully will not be considered. If you are unsure as to whether your online application has been submitted, please contact the Grants Office before the deadline of 23 March 2017.

Applications must be received by the deadline set on the website. Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.


The maximum amount you may request is €/£7,000. Projects seeking larger grant amounts will not be considered through the Small Grants Round.

Applications will be evaluated and presented for consideration by the Board. Lobbying will lead to the disqualification of the Grant Application. The decision of the Board is final and we regret that we are unable to enter into conversations or correspondence regarding the decision of the Board. We do encourage applicants who are not awarded a grant to request feedback on your proposal from our Grants Office staff.

To see if your project is eligible for an Ireland Funds grant, please review these Guidelines.

Before beginning your application, ensure that your application activity is not for one of the ineligible items listed at the end of this document. If you are unsure as to whether an activity is allowable, please contact a member of our Grants Team.

Below, we have provided a description of activities The Ireland Funds aims to support under each priority area. Please review the list carefully and ensure that your proposed project fits at least one of these categories.


Community Development

We invest in local communities by supporting initiatives that contribute to:

 Positive mental and physical health

 Community integration

 Sport and leisure opportunities

 Protection of the natural environment

 Supporting vulnerable members of society

Peace & Reconciliation

We support communities in Northern Ireland by prioritising initiatives that contribute to:

Improved intercommunity relations

New opportunities in education, employment and personal development


We support programmes that contribute to:

 Increased access to participation to third-level education

 Equality of access to a broad range of educational opportunities for people of all ages

Arts & Culture

We support the promotion of arts and culture by prioritising initiatives that contribute to:

 Cultural awareness and understanding

 Increased access to art forms and collections

 Community arts initiatives

When assessing the merits of each application, The Ireland Funds will consider the


 Is the application form fully completed? Is it clear what the group is proposing?

 Does the proposal clearly describe the issue that will be addressed and the intended impact or outcomes?

 Has the organisation secured other sources of funding for the project? If not, can the project proceed with partial funding?

 Are the financial figures provided accurate? Is the proposal offering good value for money?

The Small Grants Round will not provide support for:

Tuition, course fees, accreditation costs

 Medical expenses

 Purchase of buildings or land

 Construction or refurbishment projects

 Salaries

 Travel expenses (transportation, accommodation, field trips)

 Purchase of vehicles

 One-off events – performance production, conferences, festivals

 Consultancy fees

 Animal welfare activities

 Marketing materials or publication costs

 Audio-visual equipment

For assistance with the Small Grant Round application form, please contact The Ireland Funds Grants Team at 01 662 7878