New Community Facilities Scheme Announced

By | 13th March 2017

The Communities Facilities Scheme is targeted at disadvantaged urban and rural areas, but not exclusively so.  It will fund capital projects or elements of projects that seek to enhance communities, address disadvantage and improve social cohesion at a local level.

The Scheme which has a total allocation of 2m euro will be a welcome boost for community groups across Ireland offering access to capital funding in order to kick-start, advance or complete projects.

The scheme will operate in a complementary manner with other schemes or programmes being operated in communities adding value to those and to other frontline schemes.  It will also seek to address some of the difficulties local community groups very often face in accessing small scale levels of funding to match their own fundraising efforts, in order to get community projects off the ground.

The Scheme is being administered by the Local Community Development Committees along with the Municipal Districts under the remit of the Local Authorities on behalf of the Department.


  • In order to receive support from the Scheme, applicant groups must be based in the administrative area of the Local Authority where the application is submitted.
  • Projects or elements of projects of a capital nature may be funded, for example, office equipment, project resources, research facilities, energy efficiency equipment, etc. for voluntary groups.
  • In cases where both current and capital works are carried out together, only the capital element can be funded through this Scheme.
  • Match-funding from other sources is not a requirement for application approval.

See Community Facilities Scheme Application Guidelines for further details.


  • The Scheme will offer grants up to a maximum of 1,000 euro per project.
  • In certain cases, the Local Community Development Committee will use its discretion to exceed the maximum limit where it believes the project requires the additional funding to be delivered successfully.

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