Men’s Health in Numbers launched December 10th

By | 15th December 2020

The launch coincides with the 21st anniversary of the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland, an organisation that HSE Health & Wellbeing partners with, to deliver a programme of activity to support men’s health.

It includes the publication of two research reports:

1. Comprehensive Trends Report that describes changes in significant markers of men’s health on the island of Ireland between 2004 and 2019

2. Irish Men’s Health Report Card, Men’s Health in Numbers provides an overview of the improvements made in men’s health and identifies key areas of concern which needs continued engagement with men.

Speaking about the Men’s Health Forum, Fergal Fox, General Manager, HSE Health & Wellbeing said “We have enjoyed a productive working relationship with the Men’s Health Forum of Ireland, working to deliver initiatives such as Men’s Health Week, which takes place in June every year.

It has become a significant event for us promoting our campaigns such as QUIT, AskAboutAlcohol, Yourmentalhealth, health eating and physical activity. We welcome these reports which, while highlighting how far we have come in recent years, they also make the case for areas that we need to continue to focus on for men’s health and wellbeing.”

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