CLÁR 2019

By | 22nd March 2019

CLÁR is a targeted investment programme which provides funding for small scale infrastructural projects in rural areas which have suffered the greatest levels of population decline. Following on from Minister Ring’s letter to you of the 25th of February, I am pleased to advise you of a new round of funding under the CLÁR programme for 2019.

An allocation of at least €5 million is available for the CLÁR programme for 2019 and the Department’s objective is to maximise the impact of this funding, for the benefit of communities in CLÁR areas.

The active engagement and participation of Local Authorities in conjunction with their communities has been, and will continue to be, critical to the success of this and other initiatives, that aim to support our rural areas in a sustainable way.

CLÁR 2019 will provide funding under the following measures:

Measure 1: Support for Schools/Community Safety Measure (per 2018)

Measure 2: Play Areas (including MUGAs) (per 2018) and

Measure 3: Community Wellbeing Support (new in 2019) comprising of;

(a) First Response Support,

(b) Mobility and Cancer Care Transport, and

(c) Sensory Gardens.

For further details please contact Ornaith O’Shannon,email or telephone 071 9620005 Ext 527

Clar Sheme Outline 2019.pdf (size 86.8 KB)

Clar Measure 1 Application Form 2019.pdf (size 880.6 KB)

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